Our data can add the science to television  advertising that has never previously existed.
Make your TV Advertising matter
We track and measure 1 billion targeted interactions per year
Track who’s watching what, when and how.
1. Identify your Core Audience
We work with you to identify your core audience from our viewing panel
We can use data from your rewards scheme data, customer analytics etc.....
2. Add your customer data to the mix
2. ...to create your bespoke Merged Panel.
3. We now track viewing behavior and...
examples: ad exposure, viewing paths, viewer migration
direct mail exposure buying behavior in store and online.....
3. ...and customer activity
With our Viewing Panel of 500x00+ uk homes…..
3. Put the IQ in your data
Target, track and analyse as you never could before
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Here's how we do it…...
How do we put this date to work for you?