James Lampi


Iā€™m a digital creative specialising in animation, online advertising, design, illustration and interactive media with music and sound design. I have over 15 years in the industry and my work ranges from HTML5 and Flash advertising, animation for TV and commercials, to interactive products,UX, UI, emailing, digi6, and storyboards for film and music videos. My illustration work has featured on a varied of products from cover of music albums, the cover of Computer Arts Magazine for a walk through for Corel Painter, and a one man show sponsored by Kodak. I enjoy working on all types of projects from big to small, and with partners to big teams.

Online Advertising

This is a sample of online advertising that occupies often much of my working hours! The goal is to make it 'on-air' quality.  Usually they are produced in a multitude of sizes.

Miscellaneous Projects

Bigger projects come in from different quarters  with always different challenges and rewards.